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Letter to Chancellor Merkel: demand the ending of the Regions system

Three weeks ago the North American professor and historian David Spenglerpublished a letter directed to you in The Asian Times in which he asked you to “let Spain collapse” and detailed the reasons to do so which went from incompetence, the squandering and the general corruption, which the different governments, fundamentally the regional ones, use the money received from the European institutions and where no one controls anything and no one answers to anything, which implies an assignment of the bulk of the public resources in such an absurd , inefficient way which beats anything imaginable. In addition, according to Dr. Spengler, the government lacks a plan or any strategy, lies massively about the reality of the economic banking and tax problems, and the debt is already unaffordable, coming to the conclusion that the situation has deteriorated irreversibly and consequently we cannot be saved.

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